Bad Forecast

One from the last year when we were on holidays on the island of Texel in the netherlands. This fits perfectly to the weather today and shows Erwin waiting for better weather or just the next occasion to chase everything which dares to share the beach with him. Shot taken with the 503CW on cross processed AGFA RSX 100 (exp. 1992) .

Gimme Shelter

During our last stay in the Netherlands (Isle of Texel) the weather sometimes changed within minutes. I had already taken some pictures with the Diana when I found this strange constellation and was lucky enough to press the trigger before the dog and the people disappeared. I like the atmosphere very much but sometimes I think that I rather would have taken this photograph in b & w with a medium format camera…;)

Diana F+ on Fuji RMS x-processed.

Who´s That Girl

I think it was a good idea to stop posting for some weeks but with the beginning of 2010 it only could become better….:)

This one shows Frieda at the beach at Texel in the Netherlands. The shot was taken with the M6 on Rollei Superpan 200 Fim exposed at 160 ASA, developed in Finol and printed on PWT RC Paper from Forte.