This is one of my favorite places on the Isle of Skye. Although this spot is next to the road I went there very often and took photographs with different cameras and formats up to 4×5″. In the end it is the 35 mm version I like most…and again size does not matter…:D
I wanted this print to be a bit flat on the old paper because it reminds me of some old photgraphs I have seen in a museum.
Shot taken with the Leica M6 on Kodak Tri-X@400 developed in Xtol 1+1. Printed on Leonar Leigrano with Moersch Eco4812.


I have been one night in Lochcarron at the end of my trip to Scotland. After breakfast the landlady ask me to leave some words in her guestbook.  I did not hesitate to do so and finally took a photograph which is shown here.

Shot taken with the Leica M6 on Kodak Tri-X@200 developed in Xtol 1+1


This shot was taken on the first evening after my arival on the Isle of Skye. I couldn´t wait until the next day to visit my favorite place there (which is Quirang) although the weather was a bit very scottish at that time. Fortunately the road was not frequented that much by others and I was able to leave my car where it was at this moment to get this spotlight on film somehow 🙂

Shot taken with the M6 on Kodak Tri-X@200ASA developed inMoersch Finol 1+1+75 at 24°C.

Staring At The Sun

No more reasons to go inside to see the sun. Springtime is already here and life is getting easier or at least warmer every day 🙂

This shot was also taken at the Gasometer Oberhausen. I think Joshua was trying to explain Frieda the model of the sun but I do not know if she did completely understand such complex astrophysics….;)

Leica M6/Tri-X@1600 developed in Xtol 1+1 and printed on AGFA MCP

Saturn Memories

Last Sunday I picked up some Darkroom Euqipment in Oberhausen and we used the occasion to visit the Gasometer. It was very dark inside which was suitable for the „Out Of This World“ exhibition but normally does not really support available light photography. I decided to use a 400Tx with the M6, exposed it to 1600 and developed it in Xtol 1+1 for 12 minutes. For the very first try with this developer I like the results….:)