Hard Work

A shot from our vacancies in France last year. I think a beach and some things to play with is all what it needs to get your children happy….or at least busy….:)
Shot taken with the Diana F+ on Kodak Tri-X developed in Xtol 1+2. Printed on Leonar Leigrano with Moersch Eco4812.

Frieda & Diana

I always have my Diana F+ inside of my car and Frieda likes this toy very much. According to the philosophy of the lomo-geeks I decided that this camera made of plastic finally cannot be harmed by my little daughter but somehow improved. 😉
Shot taken with the Nikon F3 on Kodak Plus-X@125 dveloped in Xtol 1+2


One more Diana work fun from the last summer. Taken at „Pützchens Markt“ (I would love to hear my english visitors saying this :D). This fair is always in September in a suburb of Bonn (called Pützchen) and lasts only 4 days.

Diana F+/Fuji RMS 100/1000 – x-processed

It´s One O´Clock…

…..and time for lunch,dum dee dummmm dee dumdum……

A shot from the Zoo in Cologne.  I was a bit surprised to find this man there enjoying his lunch but somehow he did not look  really happy. I hope the main reason for this was just the meal…

Shot taken with the Diana F on Fuji RMS 100/1000 x-processed.

Gimme Shelter

During our last stay in the Netherlands (Isle of Texel) the weather sometimes changed within minutes. I had already taken some pictures with the Diana when I found this strange constellation and was lucky enough to press the trigger before the dog and the people disappeared. I like the atmosphere very much but sometimes I think that I rather would have taken this photograph in b & w with a medium format camera…;)

Diana F+ on Fuji RMS x-processed.