Red Rhine

Near the River Rhine 3 weeks ago. Shot taken with the Nikon F4 on Kodak Tri-X@400 developed in Xtol 1+2 for 10.15 minutes.
Print on Adox PWT RC with Catechol and SE1 Sepia.Repeatedly bleached and toned with MT3 and finally with MT10 goldtoner….resulted in a SOMEHOW TONED photograph….^^

Floody Morning

On of the first shots I took near the floodwater of the river Sieg in January this year. In the meantime all the water is gone.
Shot taken with the Hasselbald 503CW on Rollei R3@100 developed in RLS 1+4. Printed on Adox Fineprint VC with Moersch Catechol and Eco4812. Bleached and toned with MT3 sulphide toner.

Way To Durness

If you ever have the chance drive all the way from Ullapool to Durness….:)
503CW on Rollei R3 in CG512 (RLS) 1+4 at 24 °C. Printed on Forte Polywarmtone with Moersch Catechol and ECO4812 as developers. Toned with MT1 Selenium.