The Dead And The Living

I started Lithprinting some months ago. As expected the first results were a bit „critical“ but after some additional sessions I now know at least a bit what to do if a print needs more contrast or color. But I think this special field in printing is real science and one can spend years to learn it the right way. Ok…I am motivated and have some books and a masterprinter for workshops not fare away….:)) Weiterlesen


Another one from Mallorca.

Nearby a small village called Cala Figuera is an old cemetery. This place is one of my favorite locations. Very calm and with a lot of interesting light and shadow situations.You can expect  some more shots which will show what I mean…:) I used the 500CM together with 50 mm Distagon Lens for this shot and Kodak Tri-X@200ASA developed for 10 minutes in D76 1+1. Weiterlesen